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* Indicates Grandparent

** Indicates Great Grandparent

 Alumni are recognized with graduation year.


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2017 Annual Appeal Donors






































Myriam and Mehdi Aarabi

Carol and Brandon Abadie

Shannon and Christopher Abney

Jo Abraham *

Jill and Kyle Achord

Rebecca Mathews ’93 and Marc Acosta

Francisca and Stephen Adjei

Eileen and Mike Adkins *

Sanaz Aghazadeh

Lauri and Terry Alario

Carol Albritton Biedenharn '74

Lindsey and Ken Aldridge  

Shenette and King Alexander

Emelie and Joseph Alton

Tera and Damon Andrew

Renee and Marlon Antoine

Ashley Applegate

Brittany and Brandon Arceneaux

Kay Arceneaux *

Devyani Kar and Plamen Arnaudov

Laurie Lipsey ’85 and Mark Aronson

Melody and Ky Aryana

Melissa and Nick Aucoin

Audrey and Verge Ausberry Sr *

Cheri and Verge Ausberry

Roz and Christopher Auzenne '82

Darla Aymond *

Jill McDonald ’95 and Jason Ayres ’96

Lauren and Lionel Bailey

James Baker *

Charlotte Garman Baker ’09  

Berry and Kelly Balfour

Bobette and Larry Banks *

Gina and Judson Banks

Anita Bankston

Kevin Bankston ’82

Mimi and Chip Bankston '95

Jennifer and Jeremy Barker

Celeste and Todd Barlow

W. David Barnes '70

Cali and Adam Barrett

Ann Barrow '75 and Grant Conway

Sophie Warny and Philip Bart

Sheri and William Barton

Ashley and Reid Bateman

Sara Bateman *

Gwyn and Andy Batson

Kelly and Bill Bauder

Brenda and Jerry Baudin *

Pamela and Stanley Baudin

Jennifer and Wade Baumgartner

Adam Bazile

Shannon and Felder Beacham

Erin and Christopher Belleau '77

Mary and Charles Belleau *

Sarah Bennett Brash ’57

Alicia and Denver Benton ’98

Mamie and Larry Bergeron *

Yvette Bergeron and William Smith

Neal and Barbara Berthelot *

Tanya and Ross Berthelot

Lara and Jason Bettencourtt

Tamyra Bourgeois and Ryan Bettencourtt

Jennifer Bevill

Rochelle and Michael Beychok

Rochelle and Reed Bice *

Nichole Bickham ’02 and Matt Bonilla

Billy Heromans Flowerland Inc

Anne Marie and Jeff Blackmon

Carolyn and Ed Blackwood *

Danielle and Brian Blackwood

Brad and Michelle Blanchard

Melissa and Andrew Blanchfield

Laurie and Michael Blandino

Theresa and William Blount III

Barry and Jon Blumberg *

Kate and Andy Blumberg ’98

Valerie and Dennis Blunt

Michelle Bolda Esposito

Cristina Sabliov and Dorin Boldor

Diane and Jim Bollinger ’63

Anna Hegwood ’97 and James Bollinger ’97

Elizabeth Bollinger ’00 and Steve Kogos

Mittie and Michael Bolton

Sara and Kevin Bongiorni

Glynda Bonvillain

Shirley and David Bordelon *

Julianne Bordelon

Denise and Brett Bottcher

Dianne and Christopher Bourgeois

Laurie and Blaise Bourgeois

Megan Bourgeois

Adrienne and Gregory Bowser

Jennifer and Brent Boxill ’82

Judy and Bert Boyce *

Vickie and Floyd Braud

Vinette and Derrick Brooks

Dana and Ben Broussard

Myra and Burke Broussard

Carole Brown

Becky Beeson ’80 and David Brown

Kenneth Brown

Laverne Brown *

April and Norman Brown

Fran Smith '72 and Cliff Brown '71

Jessica and Andre Bruni

Beverly and Neil Buckingham *

Rebekah and Daniel Buco

Keith Bunch ’91

Hope and Bradburn Buras

Thomas Burbank III ’95

Jessica and John Burgess

Laurel and Lance Burgos

Helen Burk

Emily and Kevin Burke

Jill and Shawn Burks

Panay and Jimmy Burland

Carol and George Burleson '51

Heather and Andy Bush

Kelli and Pete Bush

Lauren Byrd '98 and Joshua Reed

Virginia Hutchison ’93 and Doug Cain

Gina and Spencer Calahan

Jill and Jeff Calloway

Beverly Cangelosi *

Belinda and Stephen Cangelosi

Carolyn and David Cangelosi *

Kasey and Sean Cangelosi

Eleanor Canon

Mary Kay Gerace Carleton '76

Ursula Bogan Carmena '55

Carolyne and Earl Carmichael *

Catherine and Owen Carmichael

Channon Carmouche

Shelly and Bradley Caro

Kim Carr

Marla Carruth

Courtney Schupp and Tim Carruthers

Lillian and Carl Carver

Jennifer and Heman Catoir *

Kathryn and Timothy Chalas

Christina and Kevin Chamberlain

Lauren Gutierrez ’97 and Matthew Chambers

Christie and Ryan Chapman

Kristen Chapman Montgomery '01

Candace and Corey Cheeks

Laura and Michael Choate

Virginia Stokes and James Choate Jr.

Cathy and Mike Christensen

Paula and Tony Clayton

Kristen and Corey Clebert

Charlie Coates ’53

Anne and John Collier

James Frank Collins ’55

Michelle and Ken Collins

Sarah Collins '02 and Daniel Bennett

Jessica and Sean Connor

Brooke and Patrick Coogan

Janet and Gregory Cook

Kim Cooper Hall '83

Susan and Paul Copeland

Amy and Don Coppola

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Coreil *

Christina Courtney Villarreal

Peggy Lou Covey Kilgore ’40

Kristen and James Crane

Kim and Jon Crawford

Sandra and William Crawford

Annadine and James Credeur *

Katherine Creed '02 and Brooks Gold

Tiffany Creel

Marie and Paul Crespo

April and Curtis Crosby

Allison and Forest Crump

Jill and Kurt Crutti

Nancy Lord ’80 and Samuel Cuccio

Catherine Cummins

Rachel and Charles Dabadie

Chere and Rusty Daigle

Lance Dakin ’58

Ginger and Paul Dammers

Jill Daniel

Lou Daniel '71

William Daniel

Tracey and Jim Dantin

Fatima Daspit

Kimberly and Brian Daugherty

Ellen and Scott Daugherty

Debra and Kurt Davis

Stacie and Roger Davis

Susan and Bill Davis *

Teresa and Brenton Day

Carol Deer '54 and Roland Miller

Stephanie De la Cruz

Michelle and Steve Delaune

Dawn Burton and Zachary DeRouen

Elizabeth and Rene Deubler

Ram Devireddy and Mukta Pathak

Sarah Ditchburn Neal '48

Katherine and Howard Dobson

Adele Domingue

Marsha and Randy Domingue *

Mary Catherine and Jason Dore

Debbie Dornier

Brindly and David Downs

Annette and Jason Droddy

Adele and William Dufrene

A.J. and Sue Dugas *

Kellie and Jeffery Duhon

Anne Duke

Kimberly and John DuPont

Amy and Kenneth Dunn

Emily and Christopher Dykes

Noel and Andrew Dzuryachko *

Celeste and Jim Eason *

Erin and Bobby Easton

Nicole and Paul Edmonson

Courtney and Ryan Edwards

Merrill Faye Hines '61 and Bridger Eglin '61

Lauren and Connor Eglin ’85

Jennifer Kluse and Bret Elderd

Gayle Elliott *

Marwa Hassan and Mostafa Elseifi

Tamara and Ryan Empson

Gwen and John Engquist Jr. '97

Marty McDowell '73 and John Engquist *

Piper and Kenneth Estep

Shannan and John Everett ’87

Charlotte and Sandy Ewing *

Patricia and Jerry Exner

Sara Exner ’00 and Cullen Whittaker

Lori and Claude Fanning

Jacques Favret

Rachael and Jason Feirman

Jennifer and Sid Felps

Beth and Blaine Fields ’92

Molly Fink Willis '87

Sam and Brian Fisicaro

Elizabeth and John Fitzgerald

Shirley and John Flake

Kim and Mike Fleming

Emily Fontenette

Fran and Ken Flory

David Fluker

Holly and Nikolaus Foret

Trisha Fos

Eloise Foster

Lauren Fournerat

Amanda Fourrier

Beth Foust

Carrie and Tim Fox

Pennye and Nick Fox

Ashley and Adam Foy

Carla and Peregrin Franklin

Yvette and William Franques

Kate and Nathan Freeman

Ashley Freiberg ’99 and Frank Brost

Christy and John Frierson *

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Friday *

Kristen and L. Dean Fryday

Grace and John Fu

Susie Wood ’82 and Joey Furr '81

Mary Glenn and Marshall Gammon '90

Gang Hu and Ru Gao

Lori and Scott Gardiner

Karen McCaskill ’83 and Doug Garland

Jamie and Nicholas Gaspard

Wendy and Rowdy Gaudet

Nita and Billy Gauthier *

Megan and Joe Gendron ’95

Steve George ’60 *

Gretchen Gerlicher Bell ’53

Norma Gerace *

Lyndi and David Geyer

Liz and Pendery Gibbens ’50

Anne and Edmund Giering III *

Cathy and Edmund Giering IV

Edward and Judi Gilbert *

Victoria and Richard Gill Jr. ’94

Kimberly and Stuart Gilly ’98

Jennifer and Tyler Ginn

Jackie Bach and Victor Gischler

Mary and Will Gladney

Patsy and Dennis Godso *

Rebecca and Benjamin Goodner

Katie and Mark Goodson

Mary Lou and Mike Goodson *

Anita and Brian Gouri

Tracey and Kyle Graham

Ashley and Todd Grand '96

Melissa and Chad Grand ’95

Reyna and David Grand ’97

Leslie and A.C. Grand

Ashley and Traye Granger

Alicia Graves

Carissa and Garret Graves

Cynthia and John Graves *

Aleisha and Hank Gravois

Claudette Gray

Nicole Keller ’87 and Walter Green

Leigh and Jason Greene

Bonnie and Ryan Greene

Whitney Higginbotham Greene '89

Sylviane Greensword

Shannon and Victor Gregoire

Amanda and Blake Gremillion

Kristy and Morgan Gremillion

Mary Judith Gremillion

Louis and Patrice Gremillion

Susan Gremillion

Barrie and Lee Griffin Sr

Ashley Grimes

Sheri and Jeff Grimes

LTayna and Morris Grimes *

Paula Grimley

Bien and Randall Grip

Jan and Gene Groves *, Amy Groves Lowe '88, Susannah Groves Kellar '94 and Will Groves '96  

Tillie and Mike Groves *

Alexandra and Kristopher Grunewald ’01

Ann and Leo Guedry *

Emily and Thomas Guidroz

Karen and Irwin Guillot

Lindsay and TJ Guillot

Jessica and Andre Guilott

David Ryan Guillory '95

Karah and Kasey Guillory

Judy Guillot

Mignonne White ’81 and Bart Gutierrez

Mya and Michael Gutweiler

Gary Haindel

Andrew Hall '01

Linda and Dennis Hall *

Janet and Kip Hamilton

Lennie and Ken Hanchey *

Shannon Hannaman

Nan Harman '78 and Roger Brinson

Lacey and Craig Harrington

Felicia and David Harris ’89

Scott Harris

Mary and Bryan Hart

Lindsey and Michael Harvey

Chelsea and Chris Haskew

Jennifer and Wes Hataway

Sarah and Nathan Haydel

Patti Hayes *

Fran Haymon Bates '79

Jimmie Hays *

Kristin and William Hays

Jennifer and Omer Hebert

Sue and King Hebert *

Julie and Matthew Heinz

Melissa and Ron Henderson

Brandie and Brandon Henry

Edith and Alastair Henry *

Meghan and Ross Henry

Judy and Lloyd Hensley *

Adria Ledoux '96 and Ben Heroman '96

Ted and Cate Heroman *

Buzzy and Susie Heroman *

Kelley Heroman ’00 and John Buzzell

Leigh and Mark Hermann

Cindy Herring *

Teddi and Tommy Hessburg

Becky and Stephen Heyward

Mary Hext Peters '75

Allyson Hicks '92

Carrie and Beau Higginbotham '93

Lisa Yvette Hightower-Washington ’86

Bertina Hildreth Combes '76

Dwayne Hildreth ’79

Katherine Hill *

Lynda Lee Hiltz

Bunny Prosser ’71 and Bill Hines ’71 *

Robert Hines

April and Ryan Holcomb

Karen Holden

Kathryn Dry ’85 and Christopher Holliday

Dana Hollie

Betty Holman *

Sandra and Richard Holub

Danielle Honeycutt '99

Ivin and Liz Hood *

Tanya and Don Hooks *

Susan Hoover *

Whitney and Jonathan Hoover

Karen and Marty Horn

Ava and Carick Howard

Leigh Ann Netterville Howell ’86

Ester Kim and Daniel Hsia

Lauren Hudson

Kelly and Robin Hudson

Lindsey and Benjamin Hunter

Deana and Chadwick Hurt

Aimee and Harold Ingram

Monica and Deitrich Irving

Nell Jacks Ferguson '58

Lee and Brad Jackson

Earline Jackson *

Jessica and Samuel James

Alisha and Jason Jarreau

Vijaya Jayagopal *

Megan and Steven Jenny ’00

Christy and Brad Jewell

Jun Zou and Xiaoyue Jiang *

Supriya  and Bobby Jindal

Kelly and Bob Johannessen

Kim and Glenn Johnson

LaNelle Johnson *

Raina DiGiulio '89 and Mike Johnson

Brooke and Tanner Johnson

Alphonse and Ann Jolissaint *

Shakun and Jatinder Jolly *

Stephen Jones '71

Alexis and Troy Jones

Katherine Evans '73 and Carleton "Cotty" Jones III *

Dana and Jamie Jones

Kelli and Johnny Jones

Ryn Rutledge '90 and John Jones

Sally and John Jones *

Serena and Kirk Jones '67

Shawn Jones

Shelton and Ted Jones '89

Douglas Jordan '70

Kimberly and Jimmy Joubert

Johnny Joubert

Jeannine and Brad Kahn

Michael Kantrow ’86

Michael Kantrow ’62 Family *

Brock Kantrow

Daniela and Seth Kaplan

Sarah and Aaron Keating

Elena and Kyle Keegan

TJ and Frank Keegan *

Gabrielle and David Kees

Rita and Gary Keller *

Jill and James Kelly

Kelly and William Kelly

Julie and Lynn Kennedy

Lynn Sartain ’69 and Len Kilgore III ’69

Megan and Nicholas Kimble

Amber and Carey King

Andi and Shane Kirkpatrick

Shannon and Sean Kirkpatrick

Heather Kleinpeter

Robert Kleinpeter

Mike and Kathy Kluse *

Erin Knight '05 and Jake Credo

Rebecca and Micky Knighten

Alicia and Michael Kober

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Kober *

Tiffany and Peter Kopfinger

Candace and Sinclair Kouns

Anela and Edin Krivic

Joanna Krumholt

Marta Fechete and Thomas Kutter

Stephanie and Steven Labarre

Eryn Lackett

Melanie and Christian Ladner

Allison and Manard Lagasse

Molly Lancaster

Stacie and Arthur Lancaster

Donna and Kyle Landrem

Melissa and Brian Landry

Trichia and Josh Landry '96

Dodi and Justin Langlois '99

Rebecca Langlois

Jennifer Lanier Ruggiero '04

Juliane and Brandon LaTour

Elecia and Derrek Lathon

Carmen and David Lavergne ’79

Jennifer and Donni Leaycraft

Jean Ann McKernan '83 and Burton LeBlanc '82

Jill and Michael LeBlanc

Angela and Edward Ledo

Margaret Ann "Mimi" Singer Lee and Matthew Lee

Nancy and Brian Lee

Kyung and Hwang Lee

Cory and Harwood Leonard

Angela and Gary Leonards

Kimberly and Josh LeSage

Heather and Rob Liles

Kristy Qu and Song Lin

Libby and Lile Lindsey

Susan and Richard Lipsey ’57 *

Wendy Lipsey ’88

Carol and Jay Little *

Sarah and Mike Lloyd

Mary Michael Lloyd ’04 and Bo Staples

Barbara Long Danos '50

Mickie Long

Sheralyn and Richard Long

Lisa and David Longmire '91

Sue Loubiere *

Michelle and Chad Loup ’89

Crystal Ramezanzadeh ’03 and Nicholas Loup

Shannon and Rory Loupe

Kathryn and Dustin Loveless

Amy Groves ’88 and David Lowe

Janis Lowe

Misty and Beau Lowery

Rhonda and Shawn Loy

Sheri and Stephen Loy ’89

Kay and Thomas Lozick

Xiaofen Huang and Fengyuan Lu

Ethel Luckett *

Lisa and Gene Luther

Erica Lynn ’96

Lindsey and Andrew Maas

Tracey and Dennis MacGown *

Sheila and Richard Maciasz *

Amanda and Drew Maciasz

Elizabeth and Brian Mackey

Michelle and Troy Macloud

Mary Camille and Michael Maddox ’64

Clacy and Scott Madison

Jan and John Madison *

Beth and Mark Mahaffey

Chad Mahaffey

Deserae and Gary Mall

Isabel Mancilla

Cindy and Bob Mann

Claire and Richard Manship *

Brandi and Hunter Manship

Meredith and Jake Manship '01

Carolyn and Gip Mansur *

Randall Maranto

Bobbi and Frank Marino *

Michelle and Chip Marino, Jr.

Ronnie and Nat Marks *

Suzette and Lawrence Martin

Amy and Jason Martin

Melissa and Andy Martin

Erica Martin Brown '03

Mary and Brett Mason

Pamela Matassa

Katherine Mathews ’99 and Jeremy Landry

Donna and Christopher Matthews

Spencer Maxcy ’98

Meg and John May ’92  

Caren Mayer Orum ’88

Marla Mayer Ahearn '85

Kristen Mayeaux

Shannon and Stan Mays

Julia and Robert McBride

Amy and Chase McCalip

Gwen McCalip *

Maggie and Jamal McCann

Donna McCarthy

Melanie and James McCartt *

Tiffany and Charles McCauley

Valerie and Owen McConnell

Mary and Charles McCowan *

Autumn and Trey McCowan

Shelly McDonald

Ann Cunningham '79 and Michael McDuff '80

Anne and James McElveen *

Rachel and Josh McEnany

Loren McIntyre

Elissa and Charles McKenzie ’82

Molly McVea '57 and Shelby McKenzie '57  

Elizabeth and Markham Scott McKnight '99

Erin and Wayne McKowen

Tracey and Ty McMains

Andrea and Wally McMakin

Rhonda McMillan

Susan and Price McNamara

Stephanie Mills and Andrew McWhorter

Kim and Vaughn Meiners Jr '93

Sara and Barry Mele

Susan Melsheimer

Amy and Jude Melville

Jodi Messina

Meredith and Jeffrey Metzger

Kelli Miguez

Sybil and Richard Miles

Connie and Robert Miller

Graham and John Miller

Deanna and Don Mills *

Jerry Lynn Perrine '59 and Ralph J. Mills *

Maria and Brandt Mitchell

Amboir Sidney and Colin Mitchell

Chanler Holden and Major Mittendorf '89

Brianne Calihan and Todd Mixon ’88

Monica and Dorel Moldovan

Debra and Gordon Monk

Jessica and Todd Monroe

Ann and Bill Monroe ’63 *

Roz and David Moore

Joseph Moore

Sandy and Nolan Moore *

Stacey and Tom Moore

Julia and Tommy Moore

Dianne and Paul Moran

Mallory and David Morgan

Paisley and Justin Morgan

Cynthia and Dick Morris ’53 *

Renee' and Dedric Morris ’78

Stephanie and Jonathan Morris

Maryam Diaab and Damon Morton

Marilyn and George Moss

Stacy and Benjamin Moss '93

Mary and Michael Mozingo

Sarah and John Mulhearn

Shelly and Matt Mullenix

John and Kristen Murphey

Angela Murray

Kasey and Britton Murrill ’87

Nancy and Paul Murrill *

Jack Myers ’57

Mary Catherine Smith ’96 and William Myrick ’96

Julie and Leonard Nachman *, Randall Nachman '94,

Lauren Nachman Ritchey '94, and Catherine Nachman Thigpen '97

Carol Ann and Adrian Nadeau

Sri Krupa and Rajesh Narayanan

Lynn and Lee Nettles ’59 *

Javier Nevarez

Courtney and Todd Newbill

Heike and Wayne Newhauser

Si and Nhung Nguyen

Melissa and Hien Nguyen

Leslie and Dan Nichols

Pam and Richard Nicolle *

Natasha and John Nnadi

Virginia Bailey '65 and John Noland

Merietta and Scott Norton

Carrie and Eric Oberlander

Anne and Chad Ogea

Sarah and August Ohmstede and Family

Linda and Buddy Ohmstede *

Allison Ohmstede

Maureen and Kevin Olinde

Emily Olinde ’99 and Brad Boudreaux  

Adrienne Olinde ’02 and Glenn Ledet

Chrissie Clark ’81 and Don Olsson

Shelly and Gustavo Ortiz

Margo and John Pace

Brittany and Seth Pace

Jill and Jeremy Palmer

Rhonda and Rodney Palmisano *

Kelly and Joey Papania

Robyn and John Pardue

Debra and Bruce Parker

Marianne and Jack Parker *

Rebecca and Van Parker

Angela Pastore

Nell and Kirk Patrick

Katie Patterson Boyd

Lori and Clyne Peak

Cathy and Lloyd Peever

Joy and David Pennington

Marina and Bryan Pereira

Lacee and Hunter Perry

Bethany and Boo Persica

Kim and Chris Peters ’01

Conway Weems ’90 and Robert Pettit

Robert Pettit Jr *

Erin Phifer

Beth and Bobby Phillips ’57

Dawn and David Phillips ’82

Kristi and Jason Phillips

Lauren and Ron Phillips *

Holly and Matt Picou

Jill Roby '96 and Chris Pike

Nicole and Beauford Pines

Diego Pinto

Maria and Brett Poirrier

Ashley and Todd Politz

Meghan and Oliver Poole

Jennifer and George Popov

Leslie McKenzie ’86 and Lance Porter

Susan and Charles Ray Pourciau *

Peggy Powers Callihan '61

Dalora and Tim Prather

Ellen Pressburg Gilmore '66

Cassandra and James Price *

Marilyn and Mackie Price *

Jamie and Philippe Pucheu

Tiffany and Alex Pucheu

Aixin Hou and Benjamin Qi

Romona and Eric Raby ’86

Matthew Rachleff

Tracey and Wade Randolph

Jill Ratcliff

Jennifer and Erik Rathcke

Kim and Henry Reed

Charles Reed

Julia and Eric Reed

Kyra and Robert Reed

Janice Reeves

Ashley and Bill Reich

Katie and Bob Reiman *

Cindy Tyler ’85 and Jeff Rice

Julianna and Benjamin Richard

Kathleen Richard

Debbie and Matthew Richards

Maggie and John Richardson

India Byrd ’97 and Trent Rives ’98

Shari and William Robbins

Jonalyn and Raoul Robert *

Amy and Paul Roberts ’87

Reagan Roberts ’95

Maureen and David Robertson

Monica and Kyle Robichaux

Ginger and Francis Robichaux

Monica and Kyle Robicheaux

Bridget and Justin Robicheaux

Candence and Lawrence Robillard

Rhonda and Fred Robillard *

Jennifer and Joel Robinson

Bobbie Sue and Mackie Robinson *

Kayla and Bobby Robison

Mary and Emmett Rodrigue *

Courtney and Jeff Roedel

Laura Roland '06

Willa and Marvin Roof *

Cathy and Joseph Rosenfeld

Carmen and Ben Ross

Amy Joiner ’94 and Matthew Rouse

Phoebe and Michael Rouse *

Robin and Darryl Rousselle

Elberta Rousselle *

Vicky and Devin Roy

Richela and Rhett Roy

Kristopher Ruebsamen  

Linda and Rickey Ruebasmen *

Elizabeth and Frank Rusciano

Elizabeth Harbour ’96 and Tracy Rutledge ’95

Gretchen and Kevin Ryder ’93

Rachel Holmes ’95 and Brad Saia ’97

Erin Ellis and Guy St. Amant

Bettye and Joe Salter *

Carrie Salvaggio

Roland Samson ’51

Mary and Scott Saporito

Danielle and James Satawa

Donna Saurage *

Laurie and Hank Saurage

Amber and Robert Savant

Brennen Savoy

Sandy and Gene Schaetz *

Mary and Carl Scherer

Cheryl and Chris Schilling

Anne and Walter Schmidt

Elisabeth Schmidt Austin ’81

Whitney and Robert Schneckenburger

Katie Kelly '05 and Nathan Schneider '02  

Taylor Schneider ’07

Erin May ’88 and Kyle Schwab ’88

Nila and George Schwab ’83

Kirsten and Christopher Schwehm

Christine Sciacchetano Keenan ’87

Kathy Screen *

Elizabeth and Donald Scully

Troy Searles

Erin Segrest Uffman

Alletia and Max Sellers

April and Martin Setliff ’00

Mila and George Sexton

Cary Shannon Simms '74

Tracy and Douglas Shaffer

Erin Shaw

Hilary and Hamilton Shaw

Kathryn Shaw Grigsby '65

Kristy and Dillon Shearer

Mandy and Kevin Shipp

Edwina and Thomas Shipp *

Johnny Shoptaugh ’76

Renee Shortess

Paula and John Shortess

Melanie and Skip Shows

Kelly Sills ’92

Pam and Ken Sills *

Wendy and Claude Simoneaux

Brian Simpson

Jennifer and Randall Sims

Cheryl and Robert Singer *

Mary Margaret and Wyn Singer

Inderjit Barphagha and Raghuwinder Singh

Dawn and Brett Skiles

Jennifer and J.B. Slaton

Denise and Ralph Slaughter

Andrew Sluyter and Carina Giusti de Sluyter

Lisa and Mark Slyter

Kim and Gerrard Small

Alayna and Jason Smith ’93

Bonita and Paul Smith *

Courntey and Benjamin Smith

Danielle and William Smith

Holly and Stephen Smith

Jennifer and Fred Smith

Linda and Wade Smith

Susan and Ronnie Smith *

Therese and Lance Smith

Tina and Thomas Smith

Vivian Smith

Lisa and Brad Smothers

Betty and Gary Snellgrove *

Jennifer and Gary Snellgrove

Cindy and Perry Snyder *

Kenny and Becky Solley *

Trudy Solomon *

Jennifer and Ryan Sones

Courtney and Vincent Sotile

Janie Spaht Gill '62 *

Karen and Christopher Spencer

Kelly and Joe Spencer

Michelle and Stewart Spielman

Kate and Jeremy Spikes

Yolonda and Wilbert Spooner

Hans Sternberg ’53

Ginger Stevenson

Jennifer and Micah Stewart

Michael Stiltner

Ginger and Simon Stocker

Megan and Stephen Stone

Jodi Stovall

Judy and Jerry Stovall *

Martha Stuckey '87

Casey and Joseph Sullivan

Whitney and Mark Sutherland

Rebecca Svensson

Sara and Michael Sylvest

Robert Tague and Heather McKillop

Amanda and James Talbot

Pat and Evert Talbot *

Corry and Nathaniel Tannehill

Lamark Tarver

Danielle and Andrew Taylor

Sarah and Timothy Teepell

Lacie and Jordy Templet

Sandra and Jim Tenney *

Antoinette Terrell James '66

Victoria and Scott Terry

Kimberly and Ryan Thibodeaux

Shannon and Kirk Thibodeaux *

Anne and Andrew Thomas ’93

Debra and John Thomas ’88

Karen and Bruce Thomas

Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas *

John Thomas '59 *

Betsy and Newton Thomas '62 *

Don and Vicki Thompson *

Marjorie Gianelloni Thompson ’41 ** – Great grandmother of Douglas

and Daniel Thompson

Stephanie and Scott Thompson

Marty and Henry Thornton *

Ely and Ted Thurmond

Morgan and Jeff Tomlinson

Phuong Le and Quy Ton

Robin and Chad Toups

Tammi and Greg Town

Rebecca and Gregory Trahan

Sandra and Doug Traylor

Richel and Bruce Turner

Cindy and John Tyler *

Susan and Bobby Upp '76

April and Jason Ussery

Ashley and Brennan Uter

Jeannie and John Vance

Belinda Cambre and Jarrod Van Hoogstraten

Cinda and Raymond VanMerrienboer

Renee and Mitch Verma

Marianna Vyridi and Georgios Veronis

Catherine and Chavis Verrett

Kelly Huston ’87 and Kyle Viator

Roxi and Michael Victorian

Susan and Jody Vidrine

Matt Viguerie

Daniel '04 and James '09 Vlosky

Nancy Von Brock

Susan and Wayne Waddell *

Lindsay and Gregory Waddell

Cathy J Waggenspack ’01

Marilyn Celeste and Bret Waguespack

Colleen and Stephen Waguespack

Candace and Stephen Walker ’75

Virginia and David Walker ’66 *

Margeaux and Thomas Walker ’91

Tiffany and Benton Wall

Shannon and Scott Walsh

Heather and Chuck Walters

Ashley and Garrett Walvoord

Noryn and Robert Ward

Susan and Kyle Ward

Elizabeth and William Warren

Mary and Robert Watts *

Traci and Kevin Watts

Burton Weaver and Dr. Sue Weaver *

Ashley Weir

Jasper Welch ’48

Aimee Welch-James

Cornelia and William Weldon ’54 *

Amanda Spain Wells ’96

Annette and James West

Amy and Scott Westbrook

Bridget and Scot Wharton ’87

Larry and Shannon Whisenand

Kaye Whitaker *

Mary Ann and John White

Charlotte and Robert John White *

Helen Rae Whitson Tyree '63

Shelley and Michael Whittington

Lecreta and Leslie Wilbert

Emily and John Wilbert *

Ashley and Aaron Williams

Latoya Williams

Mia Williams

Trey Williams

Kay Harrison '67 and Daniel Williamson

Brenda Wilmot

Garland and Billy Wilson

Catherine Hall ’02 and Blaine Wilson

Jayla and Derek Wilson

Jill and Jeffrey Wilson

Jim and Susan Wilson *

Michelle and Scott Wilson

Jennifer and Chuck Winstead

Kelly and Brian Wolshon

Brook and Charlie Wood ’94

Kelly Heroman ’97 and John Wood

Sue and Danny Wood *

Mary and Brandon Woods

Peggy and Robert Wooley

McGehee Woolf '08

Claire and Bobby Yeargain *

Mary Ann Pearson ’93 and Steele Yeargain ’89

Kristy and Jason Zeringue

Kathy and Rodney Zeringue *

Li Li and Yimin Zhu

Marite Zietz

Paige and Adam Zittruaer

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