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** Indicates Great Grandparent

* Alumni are recognized with graduation year.


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THANK YOU!   Endeavor Donors


Shannon and Christopher Abney

Francisca and Stephen Adjei

Lauri and Terry Alario

Carol Albritton Biedenharn '74

Lindsey and Ken Aldridge

Tera and Damon Andrew

Kay Arceneaux *

Laurie Lipsey ’85 and Mark Aronson

Melody and Ky Aryana

Melissa and Nick Aucoin

Cheri and Verge Ausberry

James Baker *

Berry and Kelly Balfour

Gina and Judson Banks

Anita Bankston

Gwyn and Andy Batson

Kelly and Bill Bauder

Jennifer and Wade Baumgartner

Shannon and Felder Beacham

Alicia and Denver Benton ’98

Billy Heromans Flowerland Inc

Anne Marie and Jeff Blackmon

Carolyn and Ed Blackwood *

Melissa and Andrew Blanchfield

Laurie and Michael Blandino

Kate and Andy Blumberg ’98

Valerie and Dennis Blunt

Michelle Bolda Esposito

Diane and Jim Bollinger ’63

Elizabeth Bollinger ’00 and Steve Kogos

Julianne Bordelon

Shirley and David Bordelon *

Denise and Brett Bottcher

Dianne and Christopher Bourgeois

Vinnette and Derrick Brooks

Becky Besson ’80 and David Brown

Kenneth Brown

Jessica and Andre Bruni

Keith Bunch ’91

Thomas Burbank III ’95

Virginia Hutchison ’93 and Doug Cain

Gina and Spencer Calahan

Carolyn and David Cangelosi *

Kasey and Sean Cangelosi

Catherine and Owen Carmichael

Kathryn and Timothy Chalas

Lauren Gutierrez ’97 and Matthew Chambers

Christie and Ryan Chapman

Paula and Tony Clayton

Kirsten and Corey Clebert

Michelle and Ken Collins

Jessica and Sean Connor

Brooke and Patrick Coogan

Janet and Gregory Cook

Susan and Paul Copeland

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Coreil *

Kim and Jon Crawford

Marie and Paul Crespo

April and Curtis Crosby

Allison and Forest Crump

Chere and Rusty Daigle

Kimberly and Brian Daugherty

Carol Deer '54 and Roland Miller

Marsha and Randy Domingue *

Adele Domingue

Adele and William Dufrene

Kimberly and John DuPont III

Emily and Christopher Dykes

Noel and Andrew Dzuryachko *

Celeste and Jim Eason *

Erin and Bobby Easton

Nicole and Paul Edmonson

Courtney and Ryan Edwards

Gayle Elliott *

Gwen and John Engquist Jr. '97

Piper and Kenneth Estep

Shannan and John Everett III ’87

Charlotte and Sandy Ewing *

Sam and Brian Fisicaro

Elizabeth and John Fitzgerald III

Shirley and John Flake

Carrie and Tim Fox

Carla and Peregrin Franklin

Christy and John Frierson *

Kristen and L. Dean Fryday

Grace and John Fu

Susie Wood ’82 and Joey Furr ’81

Karen McCaskill ’83 and Doug Garland

Wendy and Rowdy Gaudet

Megan and Joe Gendron ’95

Steve George ’60 *

Anne and Ed Giering III *

Jennifer and Tyler Ginn

Jacqueline Bach and Victor Gischler

Mary Lou and Mike Goodson *

Katie and Mark Goodson

Anita and Brian Gouri

Tracey and Kyle Graham

Reyna and David Grand’97

Leslie and A.C. Grand

Ashley and Traye Granger

Alicia Graves

Nicole Keller ’87 and Walter Green

Bonnie and Ryan Greene

Kristy and Morgan Gremillion

Ashley Grimes

Mignonne White ’81 and Bart Gutierrez

Felicia and David Harris ’89

Mary and Bryan Hart

Chelsea and Chris Haskew

Jennifer and Wes Hataway

Jimmie Hays *

Sue and King Hebert *

Julie and Matthew Heinz

Edith and Alastair Henry *

Meghan and Ross Henry

Brandie and Brandon Henry

Judy and Lloyd Hensley *

Buzzy and Susie Heroman Jr. *

Ted and Cate Heroman *

Dana Hollie

Ivin and Liz Hood *

Whitney and Jonathan Hoover

Ava and Carick Howard

Ester Kim and Daniel Hsia

Nell Jacks Ferguson '58

Jessica and Samuel James

Alisha and Jason Jarreau

Christy and Brad Jewell

Supriya and Bobby Jindal

LaNelle Johnson *

Raina DiGiulio '89 and Mike Johnson

Ryn Rutledge '90 and John Jones

Jeannine and Brad Kahn

Mike Kantrow ’62 Family *

Daniela and Seth Kaplan

Rita and Gary Keller

Julie and Lynn Kennedy

Amber and Carey King

Shannon and Sean Kirkpatrick

Andi and Shane Kirkpatrick

Tiffany and Peter Kopfinger

Candace and Sinclair Kouns

Erin Knight '05 and Jake Credo

Joanna Krumholt

Marta Fechete and Thomas Kutter

Stephanie and Steven Labarre

Melanie and Christian Ladner

Trichia and Josh Landry '96

Carmen and David Lavergne ’79

Jennifer and Donni Leaycraft

Jill and Michael LeBlanc

Angela and Edward Ledo

Mimi and Matthew Lee

Nancy and Brian Lee

Angela and Gary Leonards

Kristy Qu and Song Lin

Libby and Lile Lindsey III

Susan and Richard Lipsey ’57 *

WendyLipsey Shiroda ’88

Mary Michael Lloyd ’04 and Bo Staples

Sheralyn and Richard Long

Sue Loubiere *

Shannon and Rory Loupe

Amy Groves ’88 and David Lowe

Rhonda and Shawn Loy

Kay and Thomas Lozick

Lisa and Gene Luther

Brandi and Hunter Manship

Claire and Richard Manship *

Randall Maranto

Bobbi and Frank Marino *

Amy and Jason Martin

Suzette and Lawrence Martin

Amy and Chase McCalip

Gwen McCalip *

Maggie and Jamal McCann

Donna McCarthy

Valerie and Owen McConnell

Elissa and Charles McKenzie ’82

Molly McVea '57 and Shelby McKenzie '57

Erin and Wayne McKowen

Rhonda McMillan

Susan and Price McNamara

Stephanie Mills and Andrew McWhorter

Kim and Vaughn Meiners Jr. ’93

Susan Melsheimer

Amy and Jude Melville

Meredith and Jeffrey Metzger

Amboir Sidney and Colin Mitchell

Brianne Calihanand Todd Mixon ’88

Monica and Dorel Moldovan

Ann and William Monroe '63

Stacey and Tom Moore

Dianne and Paul Moran

Stephanie and Jonathan Morris

Cynthia and Dick Morris ’53 *

Mary and Michael Mozingo

Sarah and John Mulhearn

John and Kristen Murphey

Mary Catherine Smith ’96 and William Myrick III ’96

Julie and Leonard Nachman *, Randall Nachman '94,

    Lauren Nachman Ritchey '94 and Catherine

    Nachman Thigpen '97

Sri Krupa and Rajesh Narayanan

Javier Nevarez

Lynn and Lee Nettles ’59 *

Courtney and Todd Newbill

Melissa and Hien Nguyen

Leslie and Dan Nichols

Pam and Richard Nicolle *

Merietta and Scott Norton

Anne and Chad Ogea

Sarah and August Ohmstede and Family

Emily Olinde ’99 and Brad Boudreaux

Margo and John Pace

Jill and Jeremy Palmer

Rhonda and Rodney Palmisano *

Robyn and John Pardue

Angela Pastore

Nell and Kirk Patrick

Cathy and Lloyd Peever

Marina and Bryan Pereira

Robert Pettit Jr *

Beth and Bobby Phillips ’57 *

Holly and Matt Picou

Nicole and Beauford Pines

Jennifer and Layne Plaisance '92

Jennifer and George Popov

Leslie McKenzie ’86 and Lance Porter

Tiffany and Alex Pucheu

Jamie and Philippe Pucheu

Matthew Rachleff

Tracey and Wade Randolph

Jill Ratcliff

Jennifer and Erik Rathcke

Charles Reed

Kim and Henry Reed

Ashley and Bill Reich

India Byrd ’97 and Trent Rives ’98

Bridget and Justin Robicheaux

Rhonda and Fred Robillard *

Mary and Emmett Rodrigue *

Courtney and Jeff Roedel

Cathy and Joseph Rosenfeld

Vicky and Devin Roy

Elizabeth Harbour ’96 and Tracy Rutledge ’95

Gretchen and Kevin Ryder ’93

Laurie and Hank Saurage

Mary and Carl Scherer III

Elisabeth Schmidt Austin ’81

Nila and George Schwab ’83

Christine Sciacchetano Keenan ’87

April and Martin Setliff ’00

Mila and George Sexton

Tracy and Douglas Shaffer

Hilary and Hamilton Shaw

Edwina and Thomas Shipp *

Paula and John Shortess

Renee Shortess

Melanie and Skip Shows

Kelly Sills ’92

Pam and Ken Sills *

Wendy and Claude Simoneaux

Mary Margaret and Wyn Singer Jr.

Inderjit Barphagha and Raghuwinder Singh

Denise and Ralph Slaughter

AndrewSluyter and Carina Giusti de Sluyter

Tina and Thomas Smith

Therese and Lance Smith

Jennifer and Fred Smith

Kenny and Becky Solley *

Trudy Solomon *

Courtney and Vincent Sotile Jr.

Janie Spaht Gill ’62 *

Kelly and Joe Spencer

Jennifer and Micah Stewart

Michael Stiltner

Megan and Stephen Stone

Jodi Stovall

Judy and Jerry Stovall *

Martha Stuckey '87

Casey and Joseph Sullivan

Whitney and Mark Sutherland

Sara and Michael Sylvest

Danielle and Andrew Taylor

Sarah and Timothy Teepell

Sandra and Jim Tenney *

Shannon and Kirk Thibodeaux *

Debra and John Thomas ’88

Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas *

John Thomas '59 *

Betsy and Newton Thomas '62 *

Marjorie Gianelloni Thompson '41

    ** Great grandmother of Douglas and

         Daniel Thompson

Marty and Henry Thornton *

Robin and Chad Toups

Rebecca and Gregory Trahan

Cindy and John Tyler *

Belinda Cambre and Jarrod Van Hoogstraten

Cinda and Raymond VanMerrienboer

Kelly Hutson ’87 and Kyle Viator

Deana Vicari

Daniel '04 and James '09 Vlosky

Nancy Von Brock ’72

Lindsay and Gregory Waddell

Marilyn Celeste and Bret Waguespack

Candace and Stephen Walker

Margeaux and Tommy Walker Jr. ’91

Tiffany and Benton Wall

Shannon and Scott Walsh

Noryn and Robert Ward

Elizabeth and William Warren

Traci and Kevin Watts

Burton Weaver and Dr. Sue Weaver *

Amy and Scott Westbrook

Bridget and Scott Wharton ’87

Letreta and Leslie Wilbert

Mia Williams

Garland and Billy Wilson

Catherine Hall ’02 and Blane Wilson

Michelle and Scott Wilson

Jill and Jeffrey Wilson

Jennifer and Chuck Winstead

Kelly Heroman ’97 and Brian Wolshon

Sue and Danny Wood *

Kelly and John Wood

Brook and Charlie Wood ’94

Peggy and Robert Wooley

Kristy and Jason Zeringue

Marite Zietz

Paige and Adam Zittrauer














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