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THANK YOU! Capital Campaign Donors


$1,000,000 and up

Carol Albritton Biedenharn ’74

Irene W. and C. B. Pennington Foundation


$500,000 - $999,999

Jerry and Diane McKernan


$250,000 - $499,999

McMains Family Foundation


$100,000 - $249,999

Anonymous (1)

Brett ’79 and Renee Furr

Richard ’61 and Jean Gill


Richard ’57 and Susan Lipsey; Mark and  Laurie Lipsey ’85 Aronson; John and  Wendy Lipsey ’88 Shiroda

Don ’51 and Pat Rushworth ’52 Lyle

Gordon ’84 and Shannon Field ’85 McKernan

Claude and Sharon Pennington

Randy Vick ’85 and Mac Vick ’58


$75,000 - $99,999

Brent ’78 and Kelli Wiemer ’78 Bankston


$50,000 - $74,999

Jim and Laura Bailey

Dr. and Mrs. Mark ’83 and Kelly Field

Buddy and Laura Leach; Craig and  Lucy Leach ’89 Davenport; Claude ’92 and  Jenny Petrie ’91 Leach

Shelby ’57 and Molly McVea ’57 McKenzie

Robert and Connie Miller

Michael G. and Mary Helen Cox ’80 Miller

Ralph and Catherine “Kacoo” Olinde

$25,000 - $49,999

Lisa and Benjamin Beychok

Jack and Adair Brabham

Rick and Amy Caballero

Scott and Janet Boles Crawford

Eugene and Sylvia Duke

John and Marty McDowell ’73 Engquist

Richard F. Fenton

Bill and Renè Firesheets

Doug and Karen McCaskill ’83 Garland

The Griffin Family (Barrie, Lee, Lee Jr ’83,  Bill ’85 and Beth ’87)

John O. and K.K. Hearin

Mike and Gaye Hollingsworth

Bill Jarman

Steve and Susan Jenkins

H. Ben Johnson, II

Steve and Dee Keller

Barry ’80 and Leslie Kilpatrick; Kevin ’76 and Sharon Kilpatrick

Burton ’82 and Jean Ann McKernan ’83 LeBlanc

Louisiana Charities Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Chad L. Loup ’89

Chip, Diana, Amelia ’06 and Michael Mann ’09

McCowan Family

Markham McKnight

Gordon and Debbie Monk

Murrill Family (Nancy, Paul, Whit ’78, John ’81 and Britt ’87)

Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Ohmstede, Jr.

Dr. and Dr. Kirk A. Patrick, Jr.

The Robert David Phillips ’57 Family

Sandra Pride

Raoul and Jonalyn Robert

The Shaw Family (Thomas, ReRe, Matt, Sandra, and Catherine)

Kelly Sills ’92

Jim and Bridget Tanner

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Upp ’76

James H. and Joan M. Wharton

J. Carter Wilkinson ’65

Steve Wilson ’57


$10,000 - $24,999

Eric L. Abraham ’78

The Bickham Family

Steve ’61 and Gloria Carter

William Daniel IV

The Eglin Family (Dorothy and William; Merrill Faye Hines ’61 and Bridger ’61; Margo ’69; Connor ’85 and Lauren; Rachel ’88; and William ’91)

Len ’69 and Lynn Sartain ’69 Kilgore

Sinclair and Candace Kouns

Carl and Diana Luikart

Rolfe ’73 and Teeta McCollister

Janet and George Newbill

Mary Lorio ’71 and Stanley E. “Bubba” Peters, Jr., M.D. ’71; and Geoffrey, M.D. ’98; Christopher ’01 and William ’03

John W. and Donna G. Schwab

Michael P. Sotile, Jr. ’82

Everett and Lissie Stewart


$5,000 - $9,999

Sam and Dana Agnew

Waref Azmeh, M.D.

John H. and Sissy Odom ’54 Bateman

Mrs. Imogene N. Brown

Rip ’72 and Melinda Collins

Class of 2006

Class of 2008 Student Council Gym Jam

Donna and Mark Garon ’74

Wally and Blanche Gladney

Maxine and Franklin G. Harris ’79

Judge Timothy E. Kelley

Dr. Louis Minsky

Henson and Carolyn Moore

Tom and Stacey Moore, Jr.

Camm and Mary Morton

Robert and Conway Weems ’90 Pettit

Nick and Terry Saban

Gerald and Nancy Walter

Ross C. Wheeler ’79


$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (3)

Bobby, Melissa, and Layla ’12 Argrave

Jim ’63 and Diane Bollinger

Trey Bowman ’91

John Braymer ’77

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brown ’88

Michael, Louise Slack ’71 and William ’07 Bruce

Mary Brooke Oliphint Casad ’73

Class of 1951

Class of 1954

Class of 1955

Charles H. Coates, Jr. ’53

Charlie Colvin ’98

Louis Daniel ’71

Laura Prosser Davis ’68

Stephanie Seale Fellon ’95

Jimmy ’58 and Laura Holloway ’59 Field

Gloria Goring

John E. Green, M.D.

Beverly Breland Griffith ’54

Dr. L. M. Harrison, Jr. ’52

Ben ’96 and Adria Ledoux ’96 Heroman

Amy Holmes, M.D. ’72

Gerald F. Joseph, Jr., M.D. ’63

The Michael Kantrow ’62 Family

Frank Kean, III ’56

Jason and Joan Keller

Loren and Ashley Ward ’73 Kleinpeter

Cathy Shoptaugh Landry ’73

John Lewis ’98

Sidney and Sealann Kelton ’63 Longwell

George W. ’63 and Maureen MacIntyre

John Conway Miller Family (Jack ’64, Susan Killgore ’65, Granton ’91 and Bradley ’94)

Jeff and Jerry Lynn Perrine ’59 Mills

Timothy and Sue Mooney

John and Tracy Morganti

Robert Myer

Lee F. Nettles ’59

John and Kelly Nyboer

Dana Oatley Family

Mac and Dorsey Singletary ’67 Peek

Malcolm and Linda Patterson

Bill Peters ’64

Bill and Ashley Reich

William and Shari Robbins

Joel René Roberts ’63

Percy E. “Rebel” ’71 and Leigh Ann Roberts

Stephen and Dee Dee Fagan ’83 Robinson

Marvin and Willa Roof

Elizabeth Harbour ’96 and J. Tracey Rutledge ’95

Harry Sachse ’51

Shane and Cynthia Landry ’94 Sandefer

L. Cary Saurage II ’62

Mila, George, Caroline ’08 and  Christian ’19 Sexton

Vicki Moore Spurlock ’72

Steve and Ann Bowlus ’71 Storey

Kevin and Nicole Bente ’96 Tarleton

Bill ’51 and Sally Johnson ’51 Terry

David W. Walker ’66

Burton and Sue Weaver

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Weldon ’54

Scott and Amy Westbrook

Charles Wood, M.D. ’94

The Woolf Family


up to $999

Leo and Insa Abraham

Oscar Andras ’53

Lionel and Lauren Bailey

Andrew Gates and Grace H. Barry

Bob ’86 and Kellie Barton

Doré and Lisa Binder

Lee and Cindy Bloch

David and Elizabeth Boethel

Ursula Bogan Carmena ’55

Megan and Lilly ’19 Bourgeois

Doug and Marilyn Braymer

Lloyd Brown ’88

Billy and Mary Katherine Callaway

Rebecca S. Christian

Class of 2010

Christina Cooper ’91

William and Monica Corbett

Donald L. Cunningham, Jr. ’73 and  Joni Nasca ’72 Cunningham

Kate deGravelles ’97

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin DiBenedetto

Cissie Furr

Scott and Lori Gardiner

Drs. Robert and Suzan Gaston

Ellen Pressburg Gilmore ’66

Leslie and A.C. Grand

Kevin and Cathy Gaston ’77 Gravois

Jan and Gene Groves, Amy Groves Lowe ’88, Susannah ’94, Will ’96

Stephen and Marybeth Groze

Randall Hall and Susan L. Finley

Travis J. Harrison ’53

Charlotte Behre Hatfield ’51

William and Janet Heroman

Cynthia Holliday

Elizabeth Hutchison ’92

Ian James

Coleen Jefferson Johnson ’44

Dr. Charles S. Kennon, M.D. ’58

Paul Kilgore ’55

Sean and Shannon Kirkpatrick

Antje Heberle Kolodziej ’53

Patrick and Brenda LaSalle

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor LaSalle

Bob Lawrence ’53

Byron Levy ’63

Sarah and Mike Lloyd

Katherine M. Loos ’75

David and Amy Groves ’88 Lowe

Larry and Suzanne Mann

Dr. and Mrs. Rick Martin ’71

Jan Reinberg McDonald ’63

Richard and Sally Garner ’97 McConnell

John and Graham Miller

Sean and Laura O’Keefe

Christine Clark Olsson ’81

James M. Owen, Jr. ’71

Trent ’98 and India Byrd ’97 Rives

Owen Roberts ’64

Jeff and Katie Robinson

Brad ’97 and Rachel Holmes ’95 Saia

Roland F. Samson ’51

Luke Sheldon ’91

Melvin Arthur ’51 and Marna Bass Shortess

Kay Smart ’59

Martha Stuckey ’87

James Miller Terrell ’68

Mark M. Walker M.D.

James and Colleen Daniel ’78 Williams

William D. Willis ’57


In Memory of Richard Gill

Paul and Ellen Arst

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Atkins

Brent ’78 and Kelli Weimer ’78 Bankston

Bob ’86 and Kellie Barton

Jan Hockaday Baudin ’61

Felder and Shannon Beacham

Sidney M. ’62 and Carol Ann Blitzer

Jim ’63 and Diane Bollinger

Pete and Kay Broussard

Dale Brown

BWB Investments

Ursula Bogan Carmena ’55

Steve ’61 and Gloria Carter

Ned and Laura Clark

Bobby and Patricia Comeaux

Angus R. Cooper, II

David J. Cooper, Sr.

Juliet Dougherty Clayton ’61

Richard “Tripp” and Tiffany Williams ’89 Couch

Omer and Mary Beth Davis

Bridger ’61 and Merrill Faye Hines ’61 Eglin

Wallace and Camille Eversberg

Jimmy ’58 and Laura Holloway ’59 Field

Foster Wheeler Corporation

Shawn and Rachel Eglin ’88 Frazer

Fronek Power Systems, LLC

Brett ’79 and Renee Furr

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Gaines

Doug and Karen McCaskill ’83 Garland

Drs. Robert and Suzan Gaston


James Gilbert

Fred ’58 and Linda Grace III

Barrie and Lee Griffin, Sr.

Grimsley Law Firm, LLC

Clarence ’61 and Edith Hackett

H. Michael Haik Jr., MD

Robert Hugh Hines ’67

Wayne and Gayle Hirschey

David Hoyle

Thomas and Danelle Hudson

Stanley and Peggy Jacobs

Ed and Brownie Jeffries

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jones

Cheney ’60 and Mary Joseph

L. Conley ’61 and Janet Juban

Lee ’63 and Gretchen Kantrow

Leonard Kleinpeter

Buddy and Laura Leach

Richard ’57 and Susan Lipsey  

Nat ’54 and Lynda Carpenter ’59 Maestri

Bill ’65 and Sharon Rea Walker ’65 Mathews

Jimmy Maurin

Mary Jo Mayfield

Albert McAlister

Charles and Mary McCowan, Jr.

Glenn L. McCullough, Jr.

Tim and Maggie Gerlicher ’61 McElroy

Jerry and Diane McKernan

Dr. and Mrs. James Gill McMurry

Jeff and Jerry Lynn Perrine ’59 Mills

Doug ’62 and Elaine Moreau

Leonard and Julie Nachman

Lee F. Nettles ’59

John and Jane Hoyt ’61 Norwood

Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Ohmstede, Jr.

Mary Lorio ’71 and Stanley E. “Bubba” Peters, Jr., M.D. ’71; Geoffrey, M.D. ’98; Christopher ’01 and William ’03

Robert L. Pettit, Jr.

Robert and Conway Weems ’90 Pettit, III

John ’62 and Beth Pisa  

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Querbes

Alvin and Ann Rotenberg

Nick and Terry Saban

Shane and Cynthia Landry ’94 Sandefer

L. Cary Saurage ’62

Thomas H. and Barbara Sawyer

Kathy Screen and Family

John and Raye Seago

Danny Shaw

The Shaw Group, Inc.

Janie Spaht Gill ’62

Douglass Stewart Coleman ’62

Michael Strate

Richard and Linda Sturlese

Jose R. Tarajano, Sr.

Newton ’62 and Betsy Thomas

Laura and O. M. Thompson

Toshiba Corporation

Charles Valluzzo

Wampold Companies

John Wilpert

Jim and Joan Wharton

King and Marilyn Woolf, Jr.

ULS Foundation Staff


In Memory of Coach Gerald P. Furr

Lucy Atkins

Aquafit- LSU Recreation Center

Bob ’86 and Kellie Barton

Sheila Barton

Carol Albritton Biedenharn ’74

Brandon and Blake Black

David and Elizabeth Boethel

Marilyn Bordelon

John and Patricia Boudreaux

J. Ray Bowen

Joseph Brancato

Richard A. Broussard ’74

Letty Burns

Matthew and Mary Carr

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Carroll

Manuel and Carol Carvallho

Jarvis and Jean Cloy

William and Rebecca Day

Craig and Lucy Leach ’89 Davenport

Omer and Marybeth Davis

D.J. and Paige Davis

Pat and Theresa Doran

Nancy Dougherty

Bobbie Edwards

Bridger ’61 and Merrill Faye Hines ’61 Eglin

Connor ’85 and Lauren Eglin

Phillip and Carole Ellender

John and Marty McDowell ’73 Engquist

Andrew Ensminger

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Evans

Jimmy ’58 and Laura Holloway ’59 Field

Cissie Furr

Lucian Furr

William Furr


James Gilbert

Michael and Kathy Giska

E.A. and Maureen Gomez

Gary Graphia

Lee and Barrie Griffin, Sr.

Franklin G. ’79 and Maxine Harris

Haynes Whaley Associates

WJ and Barbara Vastine ’53 Hughes

Jeanne Jendrzejewski

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Johnson

Deborah A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Jolly

Glen and Anna Koepp

George and Maureen Krueger

Richard ’57 and Susan Lipsey

Sidney and Sealann Kelton ’63 Longwell

Johnny Mann ’80

Gregory B. ’79 and Donna Wales ’79 Martin

Charles and Mary McCowan, Jr.

Trey and Autumn McCowan

Brent and Sunny McCoy

Grif and Erin McKowen

Bonny Mcloud

Dr. and Mrs. James Gilbert McMurry

Robert and Connie Miller

Gordon and Debbie Monk

Joe and Joyce Moreland

Richard Musemeche

Eleanor Newman

Perret Doise Law Corporation

Phelps Dunbar, L.L.P.

William and Ashley Reich

Maxine Richardson

Dorothy Rumfellow

James and Margaret Rush

Robert and Patsy Scates

Robby Scates ’02

Gregory Schultz

Hal and Deborah Sharp

SJB Group

Gary and Jennifer Snellgrove

St. James Place

Thomas and Cynthia Stafford

Paul and Nancy Staid

Stephen Staid

Bing and Cindy Stewart

Jack and Betty Stokeld

Art and Tot Swanson

John and Mary Elizabeth Tharp

Marie Troyer

Williams ’54 and Mag Wall

Wampold Companies

The Wharton and Hadskey Families

Christopher Whittington

Charles and Gay Wood

ULS Foundation Staff


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