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Total Effort in Every Endeavor

Elementary Division

The University Laboratory School is extremely grateful to all of its donors who have chosen to support our growing culture of philanthropy.  The following is a list containing the wide scope of projects and programs funded mainly through the Annual Appeal.  Annual Appeal donations have funded over $1.5 Million in programs and projects school-wide. The following items were purchased with donations (since 1999):

New Elementary Playground



·     750 New Books

·     Literacy Library Update



·     Music Fundamentals for Recorders

·     5th Grade Band Tubas


Physical Education

·     Geofitness: Moving a Healthier You


Math and Science

·     Laboratory Experience

·     Manipulating Minds

·     Everyday Math Games


Social Studies

·     All About Louisiana (teaching materials)


All Grade Levels

·     Web 2.0

·     Gymnasium Bleachers

·     Gym Floor Covering

·     Mascot

·     2 School Busses

·     Bus Maintenance Fund

·     4 AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators)

·     Auditorium Macbook

·     PE Equipment Storage

·     Cub Complex Amp System

·     Recycling Program

·     Electric (Field Grooming) Cart

·     “Our Story” Video and Brochure


Faculty Development School-wide

·     IB MYP Training - Math Department

·     IB MYP Training - Technology Department

·     LSU Writing Project

·     National Board Certifications

·     Poetry Slam Team Training

Reading Resource Program

·     Technology and Software

·     Speech Language Component

·     Literacy Library Reading Materials

·     Literacy Leveled Texts

·     Community Read Project

·     Response to Intervention (RTI) Support

·     Content Reading Area

·     Language Arts—Reality Check


Classroom Programs

·     Book Adventure (Language Arts)

·     Kindergarten Play and Write

·     Lintor Make a Book



·     9 Powerlite 470 Short Throw Projectors

·     79 Desktop Computer

·     MiniVox Amplification System

·     Elmo Digital Document Cameras

·     I-Pads for 4th Grade and Mobile Cart

·     I-Pads for 3rd Grade Math and Mobile Cart

·     Mobile Laptop Computer Cart

·     40 New Desktop Computers

·     Laptop Rejuvenation

·     3rd-5th Grade Faculty Laptops

·     ActivBoards K-5th Classrooms

·     Tools for Creative Learning

·     Poster Maker

·     Audio Visual Technology

·     MediaLink Classroom

·     Laminators

·     Alpha Smart Word Processing

·     Multi-media Classrooms K-5

·     SOAR—Explore Science, Math &

            Writing through film and photo

·     Elementary Mobile Cart    

·     Carts for Specialists

For more information on how you can support this endeavor, please contact

Mila Sexton, Director of Development,

225-578-3148 or

See The Difference You Make...

The following items were purchased with donations (since 1999):

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