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Total Effort in Every Endeavor

Future of Effective Education Capital Campaign

Goal of $5 million is exceeded! More than $6.5 million is contributed.

As a result of the University Laboratory School’s highly successful “Future of Effective Education Capital Campaign,” alumni and friends of U-High as well as current students and faculty now share a renewed sense of pride in a school campus that is truly reflective of a nearly 100-year commitment to providing a quality learning environment commensurate with an excellent classroom experience.


Led by Richard Lipsey ’57 and Brett Furr ’79, the campaign’s original goal was to raise $5 million to renovate, expand and beautify the school’s campus. However, in true U-High Spirit, alumni and friends rallied behind the campaign’s efforts, exceeding the goal by $1.5 million.


The result: buildings that were untouched for 50 years plus are now renovated; a new building is now in place; and the school grounds are now safer and more beautiful than ever before. Specifically, students and faculty, along with alumni, friends and visitors, now enjoy a completely renovated, state-of-the-art high school wing, choir room, band room, and auditorium. The old gym has been restored to its original glory, and to accommodate for a growth in the student body, a new, gym has been constructed. Finally, landscaping, courtyard pavers and sidewalk improvements ensure that the school is equally beautiful inside and out and that students have a safe path on which to walk throughout the campus and beyond.


We are grateful for the many donors who made these improvements and expansions possible, and we offer a heartfelt thank you. Your generosity, for decades to come, will echo the school motto – ‘total effort in every endeavor’.


While we end this chapter in U-High’s rich history, growth and progress continue daily throughout the school’s halls. You are always encouraged to visit our campus, and we welcome your continued support the school’s initiatives. Every contribution allows University Laboratory School to maintain its standing as one of the best educational opportunities in the state as well as the nation.

For more information on how you can support this endeavor, please contact

Mila Sexton, Director of Development,

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