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Current utilization of the Cub Complex is placing pressing demands on the Baseball, Football and Soccer Stadiums.  The facilities are used year round by hundreds of student athletes on a competitive level and by thousands of fans who enjoy being spectators to the rich history of U-High athletics.

Over 80% of U-High’s student-body, 9th through 12th grade, represent student athletes and over 60% of those student athletes utilize the Cub Complex annually.

Given U-High’s growth over the past decade, the Cub Complex struggles to meet the needs of our current student body and its community.  We owe it to our athletes and constituencies to provide first class facilities that match their first class efforts and support.  Our students, both athletes and non-athletes, take great pride in the Cub Complex.

Working towards this end, we have made great strides in three short years updating our current facilities by adding:

    •  a new concession stand and accompanying restrooms,

    •  a concrete handicap parking and pathways for both stadiums,

    •  security and safety fencing throughout the complex,

    •  new baseball and football scoreboards,

    •  batting cages with turf surface,

    •  baseball bleachers and storage,

    •  a full-service field house and an umpire’s locker room,

    •  a berm in the football stadium’s south end zone,

    •  the addition of asphalt parking in the southern most lot,

    •  a ticket booth, and

    •  landscaping for beautification and safety reasons.

Future projects involve both stadiums including the addition of a Pavilion to provide shelter and support events for alumni, parents, students, faculty/staff and grandparents. Regarding the Football/Soccer Stadium, we will switch the current east home side, to the west, creating an additional 1,000 seats for our fans.  We will also add a new, larger press box above the home side. This will result in a much nicer visitor side and a new use for the old press box, which will be retained for videography and photography.  Lastly, we will add new lighting and will refurbish the football/soccer field.

The Baseball Stadium will experience a face-lift as well.  We will replace the existing grass infield surface with artificial turf and add baseball lights, covered seating, and covered batting cages.

With these updates, the Cub Complex will take its rightful place as one of the premier athleticcomplexes in our community.  To date, we have expended over $1.5 million in private and public funds on the Cub Complex.  Remaining projects are estimated to cost approximately $1 million.  Total investment is $2.5 million.


For more information on how you can support this endeavor, please contact

Mila Sexton, Director of Development,

225-578-3148 or

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