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Our History

Founded in 1998 by a small group of parents, the University Laboratory School Foundation's (ULSF) role has expanded from funding limited educational enhancements, to implementing critical educational programs and facilitating campus renovations and expansions.  With much enthusiasm, that small group of parents has grown to include a leadership of not only past and current parents but also grandparents and alumni as well.

The ULSF is a development program which exists within the LSU Foundation for the exclusive benefit of the University Laboratory School. It consists of many funds, both designated and undesignated, restricted for use at the University Laboratory School. The development program coordinates philanthropic activities of the entire Laboratory School community to further enhance the educational environment of the University Laboratory School.

The Lab School’s resources are based on tuition and funds from the state’s Minimum Foundation Plan (MFP).  These resources alone are not enough to maintain the high caliber academic and extracurricular programs all of us associate with the Lab School. The generosity of many makes up the shortfall between actual educational costs and tuition.  

Today the school receives national recognition as one of the country’s top 1,000 public high schools.  The school’s success is the result of many factors:  an environment of exceptional teaching and mentoring from dedicated professionals; state of the art resources and technology; and our commitment to developing, implementing, and demonstrating exemplary programs and instructional practices across the K-12 spectrum.  All of these factors are amplified through the dedicated and continued support of our donors.  Thank you!

The generosity of  many makes up the shortfall between actual educational costs and tuition.  

In 1915, the Louisiana State University Laboratory School, opened as the Demonstration High School, at the LSU Pentagon Campus on North Third Street.

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